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L.A. Times Wisely Taps Adam Schiff For U.S. Senate

In a crowded race he’s cited for “extraordinary leadership during tumultuous times.”

By Alex Ben Block

I join with the Los Angeles Times in endorsing Rep. Adam Schiff for the U.S. Senate seat from California long held by the late Dianne Feinstein.

The Times says Schiff “stands out for his extraordinary leadership over the last several years in helping to protect the nation’s institutions, the rule of law and American democracy itself from former President Trump.”


Although the crowded field includes other very worth candidates, notably Rep. Katie Porter and Rep. Barbara Porter, at a time that America’s democratic tradition and our very constitution are threatened, Schiff has the background, nerve and steely determination to keep America strong and maintain our tradition of caring for all, well supporting the middle class; and not just bending to the will of the rich, the industrial complex and the demands of the military.


The field also includes some clowns pretending to be politicians, most notably former Dodger Steve Garvey. He may have shined on the baseball diamond but Garvey has never held public office and has no notable experience as a legislator. His career as a businessman is also sadly lacking. He is depending only on his name value as he runs as a Republican in a state dominated by Democrats.


“Schiff, however,” writes the Los Angeles Times, “stands out for his extraordinary leadership over the last several years in helping to protect the nation’s institutions, the rule of law and American democracy itself from former President Trump.”

“Given the increasingly authoritarian statements  from Donald Trump,” adds the Times, “the possibility he could return to the White House and the Republican Party’s lockstep loyalty to him, the Senate needs Schiff, a battle-tested and thoughtful leader who has demonstrated he can rise to the moment.”

Here is more from the Los Angeles Times in support of Schiff:

Over his nearly three-decade political career representing Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley communities, Schiff (D-Burbank) has been known as a staid, amiable legislator who digs into the details to come up with practical solutions and a reliable advocate for local needs. He served four years in the state Legislature before he was elected to the House in 2001. Before running for office, he was an assistant U.S. attorney and he never shed the methodical, controlled demeanor of a prosecutor.

Prior to Trump, “If you asked members of the House to identify who’s going to be a lightning rod for the other side, I don’t think anyone would have pointed to me,” Schiff quipped during an interview with the editorial board.

Yet, Schiff has become a frequent target for Trump supporters, perhaps because he has been such a serious and effective foil to the former president’s abuses of his office. As chair of the House Intelligence Committee between 2019 and 2023 (before he was removed from the committee  last year by then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy), Schiff led the first impeachment investigation of Trump for allegedly withholding military aid from Ukraine while pressuring the country’s leaders to announce an investigation into Joe Biden.


Schiff was the lead prosecutor in the Senate impeachment trial, deftly building the case that Trump abused the power of his office to benefit himself personally and then sought to stonewall Congress’ investigation. The GOP-controlled Senate acquitted the president, but not before Schiff made an emotional closing speech that even won begrudging priase from some Republicans.


Schiff was picked again in 2021 to investigate another assault on democratic norms. He served on the Jan. 6 committee, which painstakingly detailed the sprawling conspiracy by Trump and his allies to overturn the 2020 election, culminating in rioters storming the U.S. Capitol to stop Congress from formally declaring Biden’s victory.

It’s no surprise that Schiff is so often tapped to take the lead in these high-profile efforts. Colleagues describe him as an incredibly intelligent and uniquely skilled communicator who can get to the core of an issue — a talent essential to mustering the support of fellow legislators and the public at large.

Moreover, he’s considered a team player, practiced in the art of compromise and someone who, despite the vilification from Trumpland, has the respect of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. That’s important for California. This is a big state with diverse regions that needs a senator committed to working with communities from the southern border to the sparsely populated counties in the north, whether red or blue, urban or rural.

Schiff, who has the support of more than 60 percent of the California House delegation, including former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, seems the most ready to lead statewide.

Lee (D-Oakland) has served in Congress for 25 years and her career has been marked by her willingness to cast politically difficult votes, including being the one member to vote against the war in Afghanistan after the Sept. 11 terrorist attack — a decision that looks wise in hindsight. She has shown admirable leadership on reproductive freedom and human rights issues, including marriage equality and LGBTQ+ protections and criminal justice reform, well before those positions became Democratic Party mainstays.

Porter (D-Irvine) was elected to the House in 2018 and quickly stood out for her ability to zero in on issues important to American consumers and for grilling corporate executives and government officials during oversight hearings. She’s been pragmatic, solutions-oriented and focused on making Congress and institutions serve the American public better.

Republicans in the race include former Dodger Steve Garvey and Los Angeles attorney Eric Early, a conservative and frequent candidate who ran for attorney general in 2022.

Garvey has no legislative experience and has never held public office. He declined an interview request from the editorial board, hasn’t participated in public candidate forums so far and his website offers platitudes rather than positions, such as saying he will “take a stand against out-of-control inflation” and “lead the charge to make sure our laws are followed.” The U.S. Senate is the major league of lawmaking. Why should Californians want a rookie to represent them?

Schiff is a proven leader and the natural choice to represent California in the U.S. Senate.


Compared to any other candidate in the race, Schiff has done the most as a legislator, to support and improve American interests and to care for all the people, not just the rich and powerful.


If you are not familiar with is record, check out his Wiki profile at:





OF all he has done, I will never forget his work on the Jan, 6 Committee. On Day four of the public hearings, Schiff led the testimony that included showing how Trump reached out to Republican officials in Georgia asking them to change the records and vote count in his favor.


The second half of the testimony Schiff brought out that day was about the impact on a Georgia poll worker and her family who suffered from harassment and threats, finally forcing her to quit her job and go into hiding. That poll worker later won law suit requesting Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani to pay her a significant sum for the damage he and the president causes.


Afterward Schiff told reporters that the poll workers testimony was "enormously powerful.”


And so was the work of Adam Schiff.


He will make a great Senator for California for many years to come.

Alex Ben Block with Rep. Schiff when he spoke in Sherman Oaks three years ago at a meeting of the James Gang Political Club. He gave smart, intelligent, insightful remarks and stayed to answer every question put to him by the members. He showed that he was a first rate public servant and an equally first rate human being.



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