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THE INSIDE STORY: Bibi Netanyahu Won Re-Election, But There’s A Real Possibility He Won’t Finish His

Israel’s Prime Minister faces an official hearing on serious criminal indictments later this year - one with a link to an Oscar winning Hollywood producer - that could force his early resignation Arnon Milchan and Bibi Netanyahu in happier times. These days they don't speak. Now that Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu has been narrowly re-elected, on July 16th he’s stands to become the longest-tenured Prime Minister in Israeli history, passing founder Ben Gurion, who served 13 years and 127 days. However, there is no assurance Netanyahu will serve out a full term, and strong indications that he may not. Netanyahu is facing three criminal indictments in Israel, which could lead to his forced resi

Seymour Cassel (1935-2019): Prolific Character Actor Was A Witty, Talented Rapscallion

The colorful, mischievous movie and TV star has passed away at 84. To me, he’ll always be Sy Lerner, the cigar chomping producer in “Cannes Man” Seymour Cassel, the wonderful, eccentric, witty, mischievous and amazingly prolific character actor who just passed away in his 84th year, was the star of one of the few movies in which I have appeared: "Cannes Man." It was 1997 and I was on the French Riviera leading my editorial team from The Hollywood Reporter as we put out a daily newspaper for the thousands of festival goers that covered everything from the movies to parties and the business behind the scenes. Richard Martini had come to Cannes that year to direct his fictional movie amid the r

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