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Why BLOCK & Tackle?


The world  of media, communications, marketing and journalism have all undergone enormous changes driven by the relentless advance of technology that has produced one game changer after another at a dizzying pace.  


These changes have brought a reordering of business priorities, for journalists and everybody else.  There are more ways to gather and deliver information and opinions than ever, but the great journalism factories that have crumbled have not been replaced by others of equal stature. Today there are fewer opportunities to be both a business and good for the community.


Just as there are no more video stores, record stores and soon book stores, there are a lot less newspapers with the resources that allow journalists to do the kind of important work showcased so powerfully in the brilliant Oscar nominee “Spotlight,” the best newspaper movie since “All The President’s Men” (and a more realistic portrayal.)


Some online news organizations have arisen such as Vice and Buzzfeed to do important investigations, but a lot of the content across the web lacks credible sourcing and doesn’t come from people who know their business.

Having been weaned on print I became an early convert to digital in the 90s when The Hollywood Reporter, where I was The Editor,  became the first show biz trade to post its online.


Digitalization changed everything for journalists, as the news cycle went from once a day to to 24/7. Now more than ever thanks to consolidation powerful news organizations control much of how we get news.


The only good news is that there are an ever growing number of electronic competitors, smaller but faster to act and often more willing to slay establishment dragons.


Some have shown there are new and interesting ways to get your news, features, columns, video and opinions out to the world. It is now a wired, electronic and mobile world.


That led me to the idea of creating my own vehicle where (working with others) I  could both have a business and do work that enlightens at its best. It was an opportunity to use the knowledge, experience and contacts honed working at top news organizations like Forbes Magazine and The Hollywood Reporter, and having been a magazine writer in NYC, a movie critic in Miami, a columnist in Detroit, a movie critic and commentator on radio in L.A. and  co-host of a show on L.A. public radio’s KPCC-FM, among others.


Where once it was all about the biggest audience, now it is about the smartest way to bring together different audiences. That means reaching out on social media and other digital and broadcast platforms. It is the goal to have Block and Tackle grow in quality and in its reach to a global audience.



You comments, suggestions, ideas and story tips are always welcome.


Contact me here.






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