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THE EARS HAVE IT: 10 Show Biz Bios To Enjoy As You Shelter In Place

Beat boredom while stuck inside: Enjoy audio books by these talented, smart, star authors for great story-telling, entertainment value, honesty, authenticity and some surprising insights. It turns out for those who luckily are not afflicted, one of the side effects of the Coronavirus pandemic is boredom. People used to being out and about are forced to stay home and it doesn’t take long for that to get old. If you are one of those watching the clock tick, here is a better alternative – listen to a good book, read to you by the superstar author who actually lived the life being narrated. Unlike a physical book you don’t have to hold it or turn pages, it doesn’t strain your eyes or tie you to

Acclaimed show business historian, journalist, author, broadcaster, and talk show host.  Read bio here.


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