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Do Politics And Awards Shows Mix?

Answers from Richard Dreyfuss, Martin Landau, Richard Lewis, Robert Wuhl, Dee Wallace, Bruce Davison, Bai Ling, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa and others - including the statement from Iranian Oscar winner Asghar Farhadi, who did not appear to accept his award on Sunday night to protest Trump’s travel ban Richard Dreyfuss The 2017 Academy Awards will be remembered for the huge gaff at the end of the show when the wrong best picture winner was initially announced, but surprisingly it will not be known for its political statements. It is not that there weren’t a few political moments, jokes, and references, but it was mild compared to what many had been anticipating. After the explosive remarks by Meryl

The Other Fake News

Review and commentary: A new documentary, “Eyeless In Gaza,” delivers the news that coverage of Israel in the 2014 Gaza War with Hamas was skewed, and finds the world media wanting In Donald Trump’s campaign and during his short but controversial tenure so far in the White House, the term “fake news” has been thrown around by both the President and his opponents, referring both to claims of unfair media coverage and statements by the new American leader and associates that can be proven factually incorrect - like how many people attended the inaugural. Many of those are easy to prove one way or the other, and some are clearly a matter of opinion. However, there is another kind of “fake news

Oscar Producer’s Dilemma – Free Speech Vs. Ratings

At the Oscar nominees luncheon on Monday, politics will be on the menu, but the tab the movie Academy and ABC will pay for the stars to exercise their right to free speech won't come due until Feb. 26 Kerry Washington at the 2017 SAG Awards The Cost Of An Uncivil War Of Words When the annual Academy Awards nominees luncheon takes place Monday, one hot topic is likely to be the increasing politicization of the Hollywood awards season, reflecting a genuine anger in a very divided America. Producers and advertisers may hate controversies that can turn off viewers (customers), but actors have been unleashed in the new era of unlimited multi-platform, global digital media and are going to exercis

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