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WHO IS SHARI REDSTONE: What You May Not Know About The Most Powerful Woman In Show Business

Block and on just how little CBS stock she actually owns, a prediction from Mario Gabelli, who has huge stakes in CBS and Viacom, but can't get Shari to return his calls, and an exclusive chart of the millions paid to settle family and business claims so Shari has absolute control. Click for my Los Angeles Magazine story on Shari Redstone. Shari Redstone LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE: Read about Shari Redstone, now the most powerful woman in Hollywood/ She survived her drama with her ailing billionaire father, but there are still questions what happened to Leslie Moonves at CBS, and some question her control of the National Amusement’s empire. LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE August 16, 2019: Once

LISTEN UP: Elizabeth Warren's Blueprint For Her Presidency

Considering supporting the Massachusetts Senator, but worried her Medicare 4 All plan puts her too far left to win? Listen to what she is really planning as president, laid out in her 2017 book, “This Fight Is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America's Middle Class.” She really might change the world. In the recent presidential debates, I have admired how Elizabeth Warren has stood her ground, coming off as genuine and knowledgeable, but most importantly compassionate in her concern for the 99%. However, like so many others, obsessed with seeing Trump defeated, I worry that her proposals are so far to the left that they will scare away many working Americans. However, as I listened to her narr

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