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CARL REINER: A True Hollywood Legend (1922-2020)

A reminiscence about a great American humorist when he was happy to let his wife Estelle take the spotlight; and a wonderful 2013 tribute to the multi-talented star by Patt Morrison. RIP: Reiner passed away June 29 at age 98. He will be a hit in heaven An award-winning multi-faceted entertainer, filmmaker, author, family man and friend to many, Carl Reiner is remembered for many accomplishments on TV, in movies, on stage and more - but one memory i will always carry was watching him at the Gardenia Super Club in Hollywood where he happily took a supporting role to his wife Estelle who around age 70 found a new career as a chanteuse. When my wife Jodi and I arrived to see Estelle's highly

Acclaimed show business historian, journalist, author, broadcaster, and talk show host.  Read bio here.


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