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Martin Scorsese Netflixed: Did He Sell Out?

How to think about a legendary movie directors disturbing distribution compromise in order to get his $200 million art film made, even if it flies in the face of his past advocacy for the movie theater experience Martin Scorsese is one of the greatest movie directors in cinema history and one of the most personally generous and charitable to a number of causes close to his heart, especially film preservation. He has long been a hero of mine for his movies, his preservation efforts and his character. That is why I found myself troubled and asking questions about the devils bargain he made to get The Irishman made, which seems to compromises some of the worthy values he has spoken of in the pa

Filmmaker’s First Opera Nearly Another Puerto Rico Hurricane Victim

The success of “Eva Luna,” a rare original Puerto Rican opera, shined a cultural light in the island’s stormy darkness. Movie and TV director Betty Kaplan wrote her first opera to honor her best friend Lycrist Betty Kaplan listens as composer Alberto Guidobaldi plays the score of their original opera,"Eva Luna" For Peabody Award-winning filmmaker Betty Kaplan, it was very special to be part of a significant cultural triumph in her adopted home Puerto Rico, a performance of her first opera. It was a cultural boost for an island that desperately needed some good news. In recent years P.R. has been ravaged by hurricanes, insulted and short-changed by Trump and seen its infrastructure and ec

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