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Secrets Behind The Hollywood Oscar Party Changing Of The Guard

THE UNTOLD STORY: When Norby Walters suddenly cancelled the ‘Night Of 100 Stars’ after nearly three decades, Roger Neal was there to fill the void for those who wanted to rub elbows with legendary stars of movies and TV NORBY WALTERS MAKES HIS EXIT For the past 27 years, if you were willing to shell out $1,000 a ticket, you could watch the Oscar telecast at Norby Walters Night Of 100 Stars, a black-tie dinner in a Beverly Hills hotel ballroom where guests rubbed elbows with classic stars. Over the years, these stars included Billy Bob Thornton, Melanie Griffith, Jon Voight, Richard Dreyfuss, Bryan Cranston, James Woods, Cloris Leachman, Bruce Davison, Lou Diamond Phillips and many others. N

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