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As We Warned: National Enquirer Colluded With Trump To Sway Election

Block and reported in October 2016 that American Media outlets were promoting Trump and acting as his propagandist with outrageous, questionable, defamatory stories designed to hurt Hillary Justice has finally been done: Journalism's Biggest Embarrassment Exposed, Helped Trump Steal Election The latest from NBC news: NBC NEWS: "The company that publishes the National Enquirer admitted that it paid $150,000 in hush money to silence alleged mistresses of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump prior to the 2016 election, prosecutors said Wednesday." "The publisher, American Media Inc., will avoid prosecution by stipulating that it worked with Trump's campaign to buy the silence of

LISTEN UP: Auto Designer Harley Earl Disrupted Detroit & Changed America!

Block & Tackle’s Exclusive Audio Book Review: “Fins,” the well-told story of the visionary 20th century GM styling chief whose bold creations - including the Corvette - ignited America’s obsession with automobiles and changed global car culture forever. WHY AUTOMOBILE TAIL FINS SYMBOLIZED DISRUPTION “Disruption” used to be a dirty word to American business in the first decades after World War II. It interfered with the manta of business as usual, which was just keep the profits flowing. That business philosophy has been turned on its head in the digital age where being a disrupter is sometimes known as the path of get crazy rich fast, at least that is been the case for a publicized few in Si

America’s Clown Princess

She just wanted to make people laugh but she is also an inspiration, a role model and a loving mom. Now a new generation is discovering her half century of comedic gifts and brilliant wit Carol Burnett on-stage Dec. 2 at the National Arts & Entertainment Journalism Awards She Might Have Been A Journalist If.... Carol Burnett, might have become a journalist if UCLA had a journalism department when she was a freshman in the 1940’s. “If they’d had a major in journalism,” Burnett said, “I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you now. I would have majored in journalism.” Instead, she fell in love with performing and became a world renown star comedienne, actress, singer, author, and philanthropist

Acclaimed show business historian, journalist, author, broadcaster, and talk show host.  Read bio here.


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