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Joe Jackson Leaves A Mixed Legacy

The father of Michael and Janet Jackson, who died today, launched their careers but his authoritarian, abusive style haunted them and their siblings. joe with Michael in happier times Jackson family patriarch Joe Jackson died today after a long battle with pancreatic cancer leaving a legacy that helped shape American music but also a heritage as an abusive, authoritarian parent that needs to be buried right along with him. Joe Jackson’s death in a Las Vegas hospital comes only two days after the ninth anniversary of his son Michael’s death. That symbolism seems appropriate because for all that Joe (referring to him by first name to avoid confusion with the many other Jacksons) accomplished –

Martial Arts Trailblazer Remembered for More Than His Movies

More than four decades after his death, Bruce Lee remains an icon of popular culture, remembered as the first Asian superstar with a global impact. A version of this was published in The Hollywood Reporter in 2010. To read personal rememberances of Alex Ben Block, author of the first biography or Bruce Lee, which became an international bestseller, and learn about an excellent new book, "Bruce Lee," click on this link. Why Bruce Lee has become an iconic figure alongside a handful of stars that includes Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and James Dean, whose images are instantly recognizable generations after their death. When a lifelike figure of Bruce Lee was unveiled at Madame Tussaud's wax m

Bruce Lee & Me and a Great New Book

When I wrote the first book about the first international kung fu star less than a year after his death, I never imagined how it would impact my life or that he would still be a pop culture icon 45 years later. Now he is the subject of a first rate new biography Alex Ben Block (on the right) touring a movie studio in Hong Kong in 1973 while researching his international bestseller, "The Legend Of Bruce Lee," which went on to sell over 4 million copies in nine international editions Matthew Polly, author of the new acclaimed biography "Bruce Lee" A NEW BOOK EVOKES MEMORIES OF THE FIRST ASIAN SUPERSTAR ‘Bruce Lee’ is the simple title of a complex, detailed, and well-written biography by Matth

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