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LISTEN UP: Recall Burt Reynolds Through His Funny, Touching Audio-biography

The passing of the “Smokey And The Bandit” and “Deliverance” star at age 82 is cause to celebrate his honesty, wit, charm, storytelling, cultural significance and sassiness by listening as he dishes out his own life story. Celebrate by Listening Up. "Deliverance" I suggest if you want to remember the life, cultural imprint and recall the entertainment Reynolds provided, there is no better way than to listen to him personally narrate his story from being a kid who lived to play football to the centerfold of Cosmo to being a movie and then television star. Even the title of his 2015 autobiography comes with a Burt Reynolds wink: “But Enough About Me, A Memoir.” He wrote it with Jon Winokur bu

Acclaimed show business historian, journalist, author, broadcaster, and talk show host.  Read bio here.


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