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When I Gave Liz Smith Razor Burn

She became the most famous gossip columnist of her times and in the process became a celebrity in her own right. She passed away this week, but I will always remember the time four decades ago when she and I were almost an item. She was always a wonderful friend, and a mentor, who showed me a fascinating view of her New York. Although it has been more than four decades since I had a short but intense friendship with the wonderful Liz Smith, I was broken-hearted today to read that she had passed away at age 94, still writing her gossip columns and still the same saucy spitfire she was when she burst out of Texas so many years ago. At the time, I was a twenty-something freelance writer in New

LISTEN UP: First Five Choices Of Audio Books Worth Discovering

This is the first in a series of columns presenting reviews, notes and commentary on non-fiction audio books about entertainment, how Hollywood works, who makes money in show biz and Hollywood’s influence of politics. Read these and then share your reviews with the world on this site Alec Baldwin in his Emmy winning turn as Donald Trump on NBC's Saturday Night Live in 2017. In his honest, compelling book, Baldwin shares the story of how he came to play this role of a lifetime, what it has done to his career and whether he will do more in the future. Read it below. COLUMN NUMBER ONE. THE OTHER ENTERTAINMENT PLATFORM This is my first column with five audio book reviews – four I recommend and o

LISTEN UP: Audio Books - The Other New Media You Need to Discover

This is the launch of a new column about non-fiction audio books worth a listen. Even in our multi-platform world, audio books can fill in the dark spaces of life with the light of entertainment, knowledge and true life stories. Read these reviews and then share your own thoughts Making Book On Audio I have become a huge fan of audio books in recent years and now I am launching a new series of columns to share with you my favorites While many of the books have been reviewed as books, there are few places to find reviews of the audio version, which can be quite a different experience for the reader/listener. My personal favorite is when a movie, TV or music star narrates their own true story,

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