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Inside L.A.’s Game Changing Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas

What to expect from a new age theater, video store and more, all in one. What it will cost, and why it took such a long time to arrive in Southern California and everything it has to offer.

A new theater opens this week in Los Angeles that is daring, different and definitely something special. It is the 40th theater by Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, and is much more than just a place to see movies.

It is also a gourmet restaurant, a well-stocked bar, a video store with free rentals, a place to play board games, a source of unusual movie related licensed merchandise and other treats.

My first story for Los Angeles Magazine online, which you can read here, is about all the unusual stuff offered to eat, drink and enjoy that the Austin, Texas-based private company hopes can revive movie going, bring back rep theaters and drive movie lovers downtown, despite the traffic and parking issues.

My second article – read it here - is about the untold back story of why it took so long for the theater to open, after being promised way back in 2013.

Please comment and tell me if you would go to this theater to watch movies, eat, drink and play.

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