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President Trump blamed rain after he failed to visit an American military cemetery in France, as other American presidents have done. However, when it comes to golf, storms can't stop him. It's just another insult by a the draft-evader who lied to vets (and everyone else) to get elected

Our golfing vet president under a gray sky in the rain last year no doubt praying for a good tee shot, probably wondering if he can use the wet greens to slip one by his opponent.

It is sickeningly ironic this Veterans Day weekend, which also marks the end of World War I.

This weekend President Trump dissed Real GI heroes who fought for American and world freedom in France, leaving them rained out - but a walk on the Trump golf course in a storm just another day (not) at the office 4 d prez.

You can see tweets from Sen. Lindsay Graham (former Trump never, now his co-conspirator) last year praising Trump for being hearty enough to play golf with him in the rain.

"The Republican senator from South Carolina spent the Columbus Day holiday at Trump National Golf Club, the president’s club in Northern Virginia, according to media reports," wrote Golf Mag in 2017. " Despite the “windy and wet conditions,” Graham tweeted that President Trump shot a 73. That’s a score of one-over, assuming they played the championship course, which is a par 72 measuring 7,693 yards from the tips."

That would have been a great score for Trump but there was a lot of speculation the toady Graham had fudged the prez's real tally to boost Trump's Grand Canyon-sized ego.

The headline on the Oct. 9, 2017, New York Mag article: "Lindsey Graham Almost Certainly Lied About Trump’s Golf Score"

Turns out Trump probably cheats at golf, just as he has cheated the American people with his fake promises, and giveaway to the super-rich, while cutting the safety net for the poor and sick, all of which is especially painful today because he has lied, misled and misused real veterans who we salute on this day for their service.

It is current U.S. leadership that is the real danger.

The American president went to France and met with world leaders on Armistice Day, a solemn occasion marking the end of WW1 and Veteran's Day in America. He came home after insulting and angering veterans, with more damaged relationships with key allies, and will be remembered as he smiled when he saw his role model, Putin, while other world leaders stood in stony silence as the Russian strongman approached.

He proved how unfit he is to be the American president once again on his European junket with Princess Melania, leaving concerned allies in his wake who no longer can automatically count on America - and a bitter taste for vets.

But they should be used to that by now. Although Trump campaigned on his promises to vets (remember his phony donations to vets when he avoided a TV debate), he has kept few of them. He has cut the budget on key programs that help vets, including the shocking number who commit suicide on a daily basis.

Other vets have not gotten checks in weeks because of a computer foul-up at the Veterans Admin, which recently changed leadership, as one incompetent was replaced by another industry lobbyist (aka the wolf in the chicken coup).

We won't even go into what Trump's excessive personal travel and compulsive golfing (his only form of exercise) have cost taxpayers, including millions to pay for Secret Service and retainers.

Cheat Sheet puts the cost to taxpayers of his golf trips alone at over $55 million.

Apparently there are no golf courses with his name on them in Kabul. Maybe that is why he has not taken a single trip to visit American troops around the globe.

At least one of his worse demands has been put off. His idea for a Red Square style military parade today thankfully was tabled due to the huge costs to the Pentagon, feds and DC. The parade would would be un-American (we don't do that, dictator do) and would not be to honor vets; but rather a photo op moment in the sun for a tin-horn authoritarian with orange hair and fake tan red skin as he observes the troops.

Trump has let down vets on Veterans Day weekend, just as he has quietly cut their budgets.

He famously beat the draft with alleged bone spurs which is too bad because then he might understand how many times a GI may be stuck in the rain somewhere protecting his country.

Maybe then his presidency would not be all wet.

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