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Neda Is Back

A beloved, dedicated and caring pharmacist who was unfairly fired by CVS is back with an ethical independent drug store. I am delighted to help welcome Neda back.

By Alex Ben Block

Amid this depressing pandemic, there is very good news for those living tin Los Angeles’s San Fernando Valley - in the corridor from Studio City to Encino to Tarzana to Woodland Hills and beyond.

Some of you may have heard or read about what happened to her in August .I described the “callous firing of a much admired, hard-working pharmacist.”

Neda, I wrote on Aug. 12, “offered a human touch to help people, often at a time of great stress, to provide for their needs. She was there to help as they struggled with health issues, and getting the right medicine, sharing their concern for their health and the lives of those they love.”

“For more than 12 years,” I added, “Neda was a leader in operating an efficient operation (at two different CVS locations), where she worked long hours and yet always was helpful and of good heart. She had a real sense of service for her customers.”

It wasn’t just my family’s opinion.

From a Yelp review this past July: “This CVS has officially restored my faith in humanity…. I must give a special thank you to Neda in the pharmacy department, who is as competent as she is compassionate. Her help has essentially kept me and my family alive-- and that is by no means an overstatement.

“The pharmacist in this CVS,” wrote another, “is the kindest and most helpful pharmacist I've ever dealt with.”

Her reward from the largest drug chain in the U.S. was to fire her without any warning, for petty reasons including the offense of working during her lunch hour and after hours to help those who needed her guidance.

“I am a very caring and loving person.” Neda told me recently. “I took my responsibilities very seriously. CVS became my home and my customers became my family, So I became more involved in my patient’s care.”

She even worked to help get the lowest cost on prescriptions.

“It always bothers me when I see my patient’s co-pay is high and even with insurance they are paying a lot,” she added. “So, even at my home I was on Google finding them a co-pay assistance card. Without even being asked, I found a way to give them a discount.”

Now Neda has made that the policy of her new business:

“When I opened the Delight Pharmacy, I promised my valued customers the same quality service that I provided for 15 years at CVS,” explained Neda. “Even if you are in the ‘donut hole’ (when insurance companies suddenly jack up your cost) I check to see if I can find a discount. My cash price is much better than big corporations like Rite Aid or CVS. I do my best to make sure no customer is left unhappy. You will get the care you deserve.”

While she is based in Woodland Hills, Neda serves much of the San Fernando Valley offering free rapid delivery to each client’s home or office. She also can provide personal services at her store. “I do immunizations and can provide birth control,” she said. “I can check your blood pressure and always make sure insurance does not overcharge you.”

“During flu season, I made sure all of my customers get their flu shot and other immunizations,’ Neda said. “Lots of customers come to me for immunization.”

“My customers are loyal,” she told me. “We grew up together. They know and trust me for my professionalism. They knew how I worked from my heart. They felt safe when I was there because of the trust issue.”

Her own life is a true American success story. “I came to the USA about 24 years ago,” Neda explained. “I did not know any English and did not have a family to support me. I took classes at Pierce College to improve my English. I worked full time and studied to become a Pharmacist. I graduated in 2005 from Temple University, in Pennsylvania, and was at the top of my class.”

“I got hired by CVS in 2006,” she added. “I worked the graveyard shift for four years, then transferred to morning shift and became the manager.”

As a pharmacist my job is to make sure all of my customers get the best care,” she explained. “I welcome them, work hard to provide correct medications. I consulted on their orders, partnering with their physicians to verify refills or new orders. I helped them get immunizations, consulted on over the counter medication, made sure there was no dangerous drug or disease interactions and if there was an issue, I solved it by consulting with their physicians.”

The mother of two sons, 4 and 14 years of age, Neda created Delight to provide that higher level of care, service, professionalism and fair pricing.

My family is transferring all of our pharmacy needs to Delight. We can testify that she listens, cares and provides a very high level of service. She takes time to discuss not just the order, but what else might serve the customer’s needs, and how to get the greatest value. This is urgently important at a time drug companies and giant chains like CVS just want to maximize their profits. Neda has real concern for her client’s health.

She calls to let you know when there are problems or delays, to make sure all of your questions are answered. Every order is delivered to your door when it was promised.

Why am I writing this? I am a professional journalist, author, media consultant and former Editor of The Hollywood Reporter, now a Contributing Writer to Los Angeles Magazine. This is not a commercial, and I am not a paid spokesman. I do this because I know how Neda helped my wife, family and I for a dozen years, and kept us healthy. I know she will do the same for you.

So, join me in giving Delight a chance to prove they can help you. I think you will feel, as I do, that it is a true delight to have a personable pharmacist who actually cares about your needs.

The Delight Pharmacy is located at 21230 Ventura Blvd. in Woodland Hills, CA. 91364. Phone: 818-456-4506. Fax: 818-456-4407. Email: Website: It provides free delivery.


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