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MOVIE/TV LOCATION WARS: California’s Gain, Louisiana’s Pain

California celebrates the success of expanded movie tax credits passed last year which have prompted shows like “Scream Queens” to move from New Orleans to Los Angeles. That’s more bad news for Louisiana, where movie/TV production has been blindsided by the short-sighted politicians Producer Ryan Murphy, actress Jamie Lee Curtis, L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti Photo: California Film Commission/FLICS She has been known as the original "Scream Queen" since the hit 1978 horror film Halloween, so it was a natural when prolific producer Ryan Murphy approached Jamie Lee Curtis about two years ago to be one of the stars in his new Fox television show Scream Queens. Curtis is a fan of Murphy, whose many c

Why The L.A. Jewish Film Festival Gets Minimal Support From Hollywood

It programs high quality movies and TV shows from around the world but has a hard time attracting today’s hot stars, high profile moguls and big movies At the 2014 L.A. Jewish Film Festival (l to r) Laugh-In producer George Schlatter, actor/director Carl Reiner, Everybody Loves Phil Executive Producer Phil Rosenthal and festival director Hilary Helstein There is some Hollywood history on tap at this year’s Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival, which kicks off a week long run May 18. That includes documentaries on the legacy of the 1956 drama Giant and another on Menahem Golan, whose Cannon Films in the 1980s paved the way for modern independent movie production and distribution. There will also

Katie Couric: Is Civil Discourse About Guns Even Possible?

The documentary Under The Gun exposes the dangers of unregulated gun ownership and the difficulty of passing even minimal regulations when the opposition won’t discuss the options Executive Producer/narrator Katie Couric, Epix CEO Mark Greenberg, director Stephanie Soechtig Is it possible to have a normal back and forth conversation about the regulation of firearms in America today? It doesn’t seem so. Most of the debate around efforts to get minimal gun registration laws, even in Congress, are scuttled by well-financed, highly organized fear mongers who spread untruths threatening government confiscation of all firearms. The refusal to even talk about the subject was a point made by journa

E.T.’s Mom On A Mission To Heal The World

Dee Wallace has worked steadily acting in movies and on TV for over 40 years but her heart is in spiritual work she does with fellow actors and other clients who pay $300 for an hour of her time Dee Wallace today and in "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial" 35 years ago Dee Wallace will always be remembered as Mary, the mom in Steven Spielberg’s 1981 blockbuster, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial; and as a “Scream Queen” who has been in more than two dozen horror, fantasy and science fiction movies including Cujo, The Hills Have Eyes and The Haunting - among her over 130 starring or co-starring roles on the big screen. She has also starred in four network or cable series among her hundreds of TV roles, whil

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