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How Richard Dreyfuss Became A Radical Centrist

The Oscar winner blames the shrill tone of today’s politicians on the decline of American education and predicts the election of a President Trump would bring us closer to “the end of this country." Actor Richard Dreyfuss and his son Harry Dreyfuss with Meghan Kelly on the Fox News Channel on Feb. 11 as the actor discussed his "listening trip" to Iowa and the reaction it caused Richard Dreyfuss has spent the last decade making hundreds of appearances and speeches nationwide, preaching for the revival of civics education in American schools. His goal is to ensure future generations appreciate the uniqueness of the American system of government. He calls our form of democracy an “enlightenmen

Sale Of CBS Radio The End Of An Era

Over- the-air radio may go the way of book and music stores. To understand why that’s significant, a look nearly 90 years of American broadcast history through the CBS eye The CBS Corporation may be doing the right thing for investors and Wall Street by looking at selling its extensive big city radio broadcasting business, as Chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves announced to investors on March 15. But the symbolism of CBS getting out of the business that started it as a broadcaster is disheartening when you look at what the medium has meant for generations. When sold, it will signal that over-the-air, free to the public radio stations are barreling down the path that has seen the disappearance

Calls For A Boycott Of Oscar Viewing Fizzled

However, the issue of a lack of diversity in show biz remains. The next push will be to sensitize Hollywood executives, at a time some studios and networks have dialed back earlier efforts designed to attract more minorities Graphic from the Beverly Hills-Hollywood branch of the NAACP website The decline in Oscar viewing this year had little to do with calls on the eve of the show for black viewer’s to boycott the telecast in the wake of a diversity controversy set off by the announcement of all white acting nominations for the second year in a row Despite the claim by Rev. Al Sharpton the day after the show that the boycott of the Oscars sent “a message to Hollywood that it is time for a ch

At Viacom’s Annual Meeting, Anger On The Agenda

Now chairman and CEO, Philippe Dauman arrives in Miami facing a shareholder revolt, opposition from Redstone’s daughter, a dangerous lawsuit and an unpredictable business environment. Can he hang on? Sumner Redstone, Shari Redstone and Philippe Dauman For the first time on Monday in Miami, Philippe Dauman will convene the Viacom annual meeting as Chairman as well as Chief Executive Officer, which he has been since 2006, shortly after controlling shareholder Sumner Redstone separated Paramount, Nickelodeon, MTV and other assets from CBS. Redstone, who was shifted to Chairman Emeritus in January, won’t be in Miami when Dauman drops the gavel. Redstone won’t be there to watch Dauman push manag

Hidden Dangers In China’s Big Bucks Buy Into Hollywood

China’s richest man will soon have the most U.S. movie theaters, a major production company and possibly a studio – but his billions in investment are likely to come with unforeseen consequences for show biz and world culture Wang Jianlin Waves of investment money have washed over Hollywood in past years from Japan, France, Germany, Russia, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, shopping center developers, dentists and others, but none has come with the kind of invisible strings that lurk behind the flurry of deals making China a significant player in global show business. This is all part of a well thought out plan by the Chinese government and China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin, and his Dalian Wan

Don’t Worry About the Oscar Hangover ABC, Sometimes Losing is Winning

Despite the bad publicity generated by the Academy’s diversity crisis, executive changes, and a drop in total Oscar viewing, the Disney-owned network is doing just fine. In fact, it even has new leverage in negotiations with the Academy on a contract extension. The ABC Network has been on the receiving end of a lot of bad publicity lately, made worse this week by a drop in total viewership of the Academy Awards for the second year in a row. They are down eight percent - after a 15 percent drop in 2015. However, before you start worrying about the future of the Disney-owned broadcast network, take a peek behind the scenes to see what is really going on. But, first, the bad news. It was onl

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