LISTEN UP: Elizabeth Warren's Blueprint For Her Presidency

Considering supporting the Massachusetts Senator, but worried her Medicare 4 All plan puts her too far left to win? Listen to what she is really planning as president, laid out in her 2017 book, “This Fight Is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America's Middle Class.” She really might change the world.

In the recent presidential debates, I have admired how Elizabeth Warren has stood her ground, coming off as genuine and knowledgeable, but most importantly compassionate in her concern for the 99%.

However, like so many others, obsessed with seeing Trump defeated, I worry that her proposals are so far to the left that they will scare away many working Americans.

However, as I listened to her narrate the audio version of her 2017 book, “This Fight Is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America's Middle Class,” I realized she has the experience, ideas and knowledge of how to beat the DC snake pit, to make a real difference if elected. And she can stand up to Trumpism.

She and Bernie Sanders are only candidates ready to take on the ultimate battle with big business, to return to a time government served the majority of people and didn’t just funnel it all to the rich. I admire Bernie greatly and think he deserves a place in history but she can pull us all together, first to beat Trump and his GOP collaborators, and then as she uses her majority House and Senate to pass the greatest structural change since FDR introduced Social Security eight decades ago.

That's right. I think Dems have a damn good chance to taking the Senate. #DitchMoscowMitch2020

Trump's racism and gangster mentality may turn on the deplorables, KKK and the Nazis, but a majority of Americans now knows he can't be trusted and will pick our pockets every chance he gets.

It was like a light went on when I listened to the audio version of Ms. Warren’s 2017 book, which she personally narrates.

She explains what has happened to America since WW2. She uses her economic understanding, ability and her skills as a compassionate, caring teacher. She has sound, real ideas on how to fix our broken country, especially an economic system set up to benefit big companies, banks and Wall Street, with little concern about the impact they have on the rest of America. She would restock the White House with real scientists, economists, environmentalists and other experts, and send the lobbyists on a revolvling door to the WH to the woodshed.

Not since Teddy Roosevelt and FDR has anyone laid out a vision that would really change life for the better for most Americans, at the cost of pinching the greedy rich a bit more. Take back a bit of the trilliions they were gifted to repay donations to the Republican bagmen

So, what am I scared of besides betting on the wrong horse too early?

I believe universal healthcare is a right. If every other civilized country can take care of their population, why can’t Medicare for all work in America? We are headed into a period with many more retirees than ever before straining all the support systems. We need a much safer system to save lives.

What scares me, and many Americans is the idea of really blowing up the entire private insurance industry, pharma industry, hospital and doctor universe - not because it is not right or long overdue, it is, but because I fear it is so far to the political left it will result in the worst possible outcome, Trump winning the election.

Then I had to ask myself why I wanted to protect those industries. They have gouged us, tortured us (pre-conditions anyone) and at times helped us. But the truth is they are profit driven, at a time we need that entire health sector to also be service driven and truly non-profit at least in spirit.

Time to the end epidemic of bankruptcies driven by high medical costs, beyond what tight-fisted insurers pay. Time to get the Student loan dragon off the backs of American students. Time to rebuild America's consumer safety and fraud prevention, because corporations given freedom will exaggerate if not lie. As Warren puts it, there needs to be a cop on the beat to watch them. Trump has dumped all those policeman. Warren will bring them back, hopefully before the next massive bank crash.

She lays out the economic history of America, especially since FDR took on big business in the 1930s to create Social Security, unemployment insurance and more.

She traces the post WW2 era when a flush America invested in huge infrastructure projects, public education, science and medical programs and more, that made everyone’s life easier.

She marks the presidency of Ronald Reagan as a disaster for the middle class, and notes it was the time that all changed, and business spent big to get their way. it began the concept of trickle down economics which Warren says has been proven to be a panacea for the rich but meaningless to the lower and middle class of America. It came to rightly be called "Voodoo Economics" by critics.

FDR had to make radical structural changes to take the country back from the super-rich for all people. Warren sees America in a similar moment where the game is so tilted toward the super-rich and powerful, that the other 99% really have little chance to be a winner. The rich have gotten a lot richer, she explains, since the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

She tells this story much better than I can in her book. It is one of several about her or by her now available but this one to me is her blue print for what to expect if she is elected president. If you want to know what she will try to accomplish as president, this is it.

She explains why she is confident Medicare 4 All is the necessary road to the universal healthcare every American deserves. If you listen to her, she will convince you there is no alternative half way measure.

So, I am suggesting you listen to the audible book, or read it on Kindle or paper, so that you will understand what is behind her promises to bring big change to our country.

She lays out the social, political and economic history explaining how we went from a country designed to help everyone get a leg us, to one where the rich control everything.

Of all 23 Dem contenders, Warren is one of the few I trust to actually do what she promises. She wants to lead a generational structural change that will allow us, at least for a few years, to take back America from the greedy few and make it work for everyone.

That is a lot to ask in a government deep in the swamp, but Warren has the ideas, character, knowledge and guts to take on the tough battles and crate a winning coalition.

So, if you want to know what she truly believes and what she will do if elected, listen to this book, which is especially valuable in the audio version because she personally narrates her story.

Please comment after you read it and let me know if it changes your mind either way.



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