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The Legend of Jeff Bridges Rides Tall Once Again In “Hell Or High Water”

His role as an aging Texas Ranger earned critical praise in a career that goes all the way back to swimming with his dad in “Seat Hunt.” This memorable role may deliver his 7th Oscar nod, and first for Chris Pine, playing the Robin Hood role Jeff Bridges as the aging Texas Ranger and Gil Birmingham as his partner Growing up one of my favorite TV series was “Sea Hunt,” an action adventure show, which starred Lloyd Bridges as Mike Nelson, a former U.S. Navy frogman. He was strong, smart, crafty, intuitive and virile. Much of the show his sturdy, skinny frame was costumed in bathing suits as he wheeled his craft across the water to solve crimes and save the innocent from the guilty. His cabin c

REALITY STAR’S REVENGE: 10 Ways President Trump Could Script An Unhappy Ending For Hollywood

Hillary Clinton’s strong show biz support may have backfired, but that‘s is not the only unintended consequence of Trump’s victory. Global trade, the FCC, the AT&T-Time Warner deal, guilds and unions and others in show biz could be thrown a curve by the Republican Congress and new President The night before the Presidential election, Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen performed in Philadelphia at a Hillary Clinton rally that featured appearances by President and Mrs. Obama, and other stars. A week earlier in Cleveland, the stars on stage for Clinton included Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z, along with Chance The Rapper, Big Sean and others. In Hollywood, the stars overwhelmingly supported Cli

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