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Trump commissioned a graphite pencil portrait from a Navy vet that took 200 hours - then claimed he didn’t order it. “It was devastating,” said artist John D. Herz. HOW his work later appeared on “Celebrity Apprentice” There have been articles about the pain felt by small businesses and craftsmen because Donald Trump’s Organization was slow to pay and at times refused to ante up full price for products and services already delivered – apparently a part of his famously hard nosed approach to business. Artist John D. Herz’s story is a little different. He did the commissioned work but at the last minute Trump refused to accept delivery, claiming he never ordered it. So Herz still owns the 32-i


Is it always “smart” for individuals & businesses to avoid taxes as much as possible? Or should a good citizen grudgingly pay a fair share? Is Trump right to be proud of not paying any taxes some years? YOU DECIDE: Vote whether Trump or Cuban is right by commenting below. Results to be tallied. From USA Today's website Sept. 27 When I was at a press breakfast Friday in Beverly Hills for Shark Tank, I was waiting my turn to interview Mark Cuban, who I have known, written about and admired since about 1999. Instead, he came up behind me and renewed our acquaintance. He was generous in his memories about past stories i had written about him. That dates back to his storied beginnings when at

Shark Tank Takes A Selfie

The reality TV show started its 8th year with a celebration of its audience appeal, Emmy wins and impact on American culture. But ratings for the opener were down, which could mean its time get out of the water. Just don’t tell the Sharks. After $100 million in investments, they expect to swim through another successful season. INSIDER STUFF: Why Barbara Corcoran won’t invite Kevin O’Leary to dinner again and other tales about Sharks in and out of the tank SHARKS AT BREAKFAST - bottom row l to r - Kevin O'Leary, producer Clay Newbill, ABC New's Rebecca Jarvis,, Lori Greiner; top row - Robert Herjavec, Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, SHARKS IN THE SWIM That’s Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran ph

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